Build a performance exhaust system for your Ford Escort Pinto from our range of stainless steel exhaust components and fitting kits.

We have a range of manifolds and exhaust system components for various engine options of the Ford Escort Pinto.

Contact Piper Exhausts on +44 1303 245300 or and our sales team will be happy to help.

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  • Pinto With Servo-Tower MK2 Pinto With Servo-Tower 2"

    Ford Escort – Pinto With Servo-Tower 2″ (MK2)

    £386.61 Excl. VAT

    SKU: M036A

  • Mexico/RS2000 Centre & Rear 2"

    Ford Escort – Mexico/RS2000 Centre & Rear 2″

    £416.00 Excl. VAT

    SKU: TFE03

  • Ford Escort exhaust system fitting kit

    Ford Escort – MK1 & MK2 2″ Exhaust System Fitting Kit

    £35.67 Excl. VAT


  • O/S Manifold-System Link 2"

    Ford Escort – O/S Manifold-System Link 2″

    £68.90 Excl. VAT

    SKU: TFE0F-4

  • Pinto No Servo-Tower MK1 Pinto No Servo-Tower 2"

    Ford Escort – Pinto No Servo-Tower 2″ (MK1)

    £368.18 Excl. VAT

    SKU: M037

  • Pinto With Servo-Tower MK1 Pinto With Servo Tower 2" (MK1)

    Ford Escort – Pinto With Servo Tower 2″ (MK1)

    £386.61 Excl. VAT

    SKU: M036B