Will this fit to my car?

Unless otherwise stated individual items may not fit to stock exhaust systems.

How loud is it?

Noise is subjective to each individual. We would always recommend at least one silencer be fitted for road use.

How much horsepower will I gain from a Piper Exhaust?

All of our systems are designed to aid in the increase of power but are at their most effective when used with supporting modifications to the vehicle such as remapping, air intakes and fuelling upgrades etc.

How long will my order take once I have made a purchase?

All of our exhaust parts are made to order by our skilled team. We aim to have orders dispatched inside a 14 working day turnaround time. (Some delays may occur but you will be notified in this event).

How long does shipping take?

For mainland UK purchases we offer a next working day delivery service (after the 14-day production period) with Fedex. For international shipping, some UPS deliveries may take between 7 and 10 working days to arrive depending on the service chosen and location.

Will a sports cat pass an MOT?

All of our sports cats are designed for track use only, whilst they may meet MOT pass standards we always recommend using the original catalytic converter supplied on the vehicle at all times.

Will I have to cut my original exhaust?

In some cases, to either remove or fit a Piper Exhaust product you may be required to cut your stock exhaust system. This will always be stated on the page allocated to your vehicle.

Does your exhaust come with gaskets?

Where possible we will supply gaskets for our products (these will be shown in the fitting kits) if a gasket is not shown we would recommend an OEM gasket from the vehicle manufacturer as a new replacement when fitting.

What is it made from?

All of our pipework is T304/T316 grade stainless steel. Our flanges are either T304 grade stainless steel or high-grade Mild Steel.

Are Piper Exhausts EC/TUV approved?

None of our exhaust systems are EC/TUV approved. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure the products purchased complies with local and national laws for their local area.

How many cells does the sports cat have?

Sports cats will either be 200cell or 400cell. The cat bricks are either metallic or ceramic (stated on each product).