Stainless Steel Systems – Lifetime Guarantee*

Manifolds – 18-month Guarantee*

Sports Catalysts – 6-month Guarantee*

Thank you for choosing Piper Exhausts

We guarantee that any part supplied by us will, at our discretion, be repaired or replaced free of charge in the event of an exhaust part which fails solely because of defective materials or faulty manufacturing.

The Purchaser’s statutory rights are not affected by this warranty.


  • Not valid unless posted or completed online within 21 days of purchase with copy of sale invoice from dealer or entry of a valid invoice or order number to the online form.
  • Engine mounts must be checked before the exhaust is fitted.
  • In the event of any problem, you are requested to contact the dealer from where the Piper Exhaust was purchased.
  • Any part which is subject to a claim must be returned to us promptly at the expense of the customer with:
    • A return note including details of fault (this will be sent to you on request).
    • Copy of proof of purchase from dealer if not returned with warranty card.
  • The failure of any part resulting directly or indirectly from any of the following is specifically excluded from the guarantee:
    • Misuse, accident or faulty engine mount, hangers or clamps, excessive vibration, internal explosion or fitting to a vehicle that has been altered from standard.
    • Non-standard use, or the fitting of the part to a vehicle for which it was not intended.
  • We accept no responsibility for the cost of carriage or in any work involved in reinstalling a new or repaired part.
  • If there is a fitting problem, the exhaust must be returned unused and undamaged for inspection. The warranty will be invalidated if the part is modified in any way either by excessive force or heat.
  • Exhaust hangers, engine mounts and clamps must be checked at least once every 12 months and repaired as necessary, with details thereof promptly recorded on the back of the guarantee. We accept no responsibility for the cost of these inspections or repairs.

*This guarantee applies for as long as the vehicle remains in the ownership of the original purchaser.

The fitting kit is not covered by this warranty.