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PIPER RS Ltd ("PIPER", "we", "our", "us") respects the privacy rights of its online visitors ("you", "your", "yours") and recognise the importance of protecting the information collected about them. We have adopted a corporate-wide Privacy Policy that guides how we collect, store and use the information that you provide us with.

The following information is provided by PIPER to enable our online visitors to be fully informed of our Privacy Policies. By visiting PIPERCAMS.CO.UK, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.

Exactly what personal information may be collected and by what means

Other information we collect through our services

What about Cookies

How this information may be used, including anyone it might be shared with

Opt-in and opt-out provisions

Safeguarding your personally identifiable data

Where and how to ask questions or file complaints

Your consent

Please note that this policy applies to PIPER and/or its subsidiaries, but not to websites maintained by other companies or organisations to which we link. Please ensure that you read the Privacy Policy of such other companies or organisations before submitting any personal information. Furthermore, from time to time PIPER may employ third party business partners to collect personal information on PIPER's behalf. In such cases, these third parties will be subject to confidentiality agreements and instructed by PIPER to fully comply with the PIPER Privacy Policy as set forth herein.

Exactly what personal information may be collected about you and by what means?

PIPER collects personal information in several ways directly from its online visitors when they register for a service offered by PIPER. We will hold personal information including your name, email address; phone numbers, home address, and birth date so that we can offer a better Service.

Other information we collect through our services

As a user of our services, we may collect non-personal data about use of the website, such as pages visited, times and volume of use of the services as well as Traffic Data. Traffic data includes logs, details of networks, time of log-on or access, length of sessions and similar systems data.

What about cookies?

Our site uses cookies to keep track of how often you visit our site and to deliver content specific to your interests. (A cookie is a piece of information that is stored on your computer's hard drive by your web browser which tracks your movements within websites.) EU web privacy law introduced in 2012 makes it a requirement to advise visitors of cookies being placed on their computer and to request their agreement before certain types of cookies are enabled. If you choose not to allow cookies, you may still use most of the features of our website.

There are two 'flavours' of Cookies - 'Session' cookies and 'Persistent' cookies.

Session cookies are temporary and are deleted when you shut down your web browser or turn off your computer. These are used to improve how you navigate through a website and are required for basic operation. Some are also used to track the pages you visit. You are not required to agree to these being stored temporarily.

Persistent cookies remain on your computer until manually deleted or when they reach an expiry date. They hold information that is useful if you revisit the website, and may hold personally identifiable data, such as contact form details previously submitted.

Persistent cookies include the following types:

Functional Cookies

Typically used for tracking the pages you visit. It allows website owners to see which pages are more or less popular and allows the tracking of returning visits.

Targeting Cookies

These allow you, for example, to share pages with social networks such as Facebook (where applicable).

The table below explains the cookies we use and why

_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz   Google Analytics (Type: persistent/session): We use Google Analytics to monitor traffic levels, search queries and visits to this website. Google Analytics stores IP address anonymously on its servers in the US, and neither PIPER or Google associate your IP address with any personally identifiable information. These cookies enable Google to track the pages that you visit during your session.
civicAllowCookies, civicShowCookieIcon   Cookie Control (Type: persistent): When you click "I'm happy with this..." on the Cookie Control user interface, a cookie is set in order to remember your preference. These cookies are set only after the user has given consent to us to use cookies.
PHPSESSID, ag   General (Type: session). Stores anonymous data essential for the website to operate correctly. Deleted when you exit the site or shut down your web browser. No personally identifiable details are collected.
CookieID, CookieLock   General (Type: session). Stores data related to your visit which is essential for the website to operate correctly. Deleted after 14 days. These directly identify your session with the website, and both have to match our records, so your session cannot be cloned.

How this information may be used, including anyone it might be shared with

When you register with PIPER, you will be asked if you want to subscribe to our update service. If you choose to opt-in for this service, the information you provide will allow us to alert you to new products, features and enhancements; special offers; upgrade opportunities; contests and events of interest. Similarly, if you choose to opt-in for this service, from time-to-time we will use the information you provide to promote the products and services of our business partners. We do collate statistical information about site traffic, sales and other commercial information which we may pass on to trusted third parties but these statistics do not include any information which can identify you personally. We see this as a value-added service helping you to find useful products or services. We strive to limit use of your information to those offers that we think you would appreciate receiving. Finally, we may use your personal information for our internal marketing and demographic studies, together with non-personal data to monitor customer patterns so we can consistently improve our site design to better meet our visitors' needs. If we change our policy on disclosure to others, we will inform you and give you the choice of opting out.

Opt-in and Opt-out provision

When you register, we will provide a link to the Privacy Policy and consent button for the collection of your personal data. You must register before you can access certain services.

At all times, we will offer you the opportunity to opt-out of any service to which you have subscribed. Any e-mail we send you will contain an easy automated opt-out link so that you can opt-out of that mailing. Simply follow the indications in the e-mail. In particular, you can opt-out from having your personally identifiable information shared with our business partners or PIPER's subsidiaries. It is not the Company's current policy to share its customers' personal details with third party’s other than as stated herein.

Should you choose to have your name and personal data removed from our database all together, you can do so by sending an Email to or by writing to us at:

Units 5 & 6, Bowles Well Gardens, Folkestone, Kent CT19 6PQ, United Kingdom

Safeguarding your personally identifiable information

We will only collect personally identifiable information to the extent deemed reasonably necessary to serve you in view of our legitimate business purposes as set out above, and we will use our best endeavours to maintain appropriate safeguards to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of the information you have provided us with. In addition, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that third party business partners to whom we transfer any data will provide sufficient protection of that personal information.

Where and how to ask questions or file complaints

If you require more information please go to the Contact Us section of the web site and send an e mail to PIPER. If you wish to talk to a PIPER customer care representative please call +44 (0) 1303 245300.
Your Consent

By visiting PIPERCAMS.CO.UK, you are accepting and consenting to the practices described in this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions.

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