Cat Back Exhaust, Corsa VXR

8th January 2024

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I ordered a cat back exhaust (including resonator) from Piper for a Corsa VXR (had previously had the downpipe and sports cat fitted) and the lead time quoted was 7 to 10 working days. It was actually dispatched in 4 working days, so far quicker than quoted which I was impressed with.

Quality of the exhaust is excellent, the welds look really good and neat, the trims were highly polished, everything was spotless and it was really well packaged.

Fitting was straightforward – I did it on ramps without anyone to help, the hardest part was removing the old back box but fitting the new exhaust was really easy as it just nicely slid into place with no issues.

The sound is really nice, much better than the muted stock effort. It has a nice deep rumble at idle, which sounds nice inside the car too. When cruising on the motorway, there’s a bit of exhaust noise but it sounds good – it’s not an annoying drone.

If you open the taps, it gets quite loud both inside and out, but not in a nasty raspy way – it’s more like a deep angry roar.

All in all, really impressed with the trim options available, the service, the delivery, the quality, the ease of fitment and the sound – no complaints at all.

Will Tisdale