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Piper Cams & Exhausts launches brand new website!

Piper Cams & Exhausts is excited to announce the launch of our brand-new website via our digital partner Realnet.

Piper Cams & Exhausts has always prided itself on offering the highest levels of in-house expertise and service, helping our customers find everything from the right products and parts to help and guidance on a range of queries.

The evolution of the Piper Cams & Exhausts digital properties has elevated the brand into a new, customer-centric space to support our in-house services – our brand new website, karis9.sg-host.com, has been designed to offer our visitors a slick, visually-appealing and easy-to-use experience from first entry to conclusion of their visit.

Our website has with a prominent and clear search function encouraging visitors to find what they’re looking for by manufacturer, model or specification.

Additionally, the home page navigation is laid out to encourage visitors to enter a purchase or enquiry journey with icon-led steps taking them to exactly the model of exhaust they’re looking for based on the vehicle they drive.

Product pages are neatly laid out, giving visitors all the information and purchase options they need to complete their journey quickly and easily.

And our online sales are protected by industry-leading payment gateways to ensure your purchase goes smoothly every time.

Our visitors are easily able to contact us through the various forms, email links and phone details throughout the site, and we back our nearly 50 years’ experience and expertise with testimonials to give you the confidence to shop with us every time.

Visit karis9.sg-host.com for more information.

New ecommerce website for Piper Exhausts