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Performance Exhausts that won’t land you in Hot Water

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Performance Exhausts that won’t land you in Hot Water

Fitting a performance exhaust to your vehicle can be one of the major ways to improve performance and give your engine the attractive, throaty sound you’re looking for.

But whilst at Piper Cams & Exhausts we’re here to help you upgrade your vehicle to hit the exact note you’re looking for, whether for track use or for on-road cruising, it’s essential to comply with the latest Government regulations and initiatives to protect neighbourhoods from excessively noisy cars.

In April this year UK Government released a statement laying out their plans for a trial, in collaboration with the Department for Transport (DtF) to banish loud engines and exhausts on Britain’s noisiest streets using innovative noise cameras that can automatically detect vehicles that break legal noise limits.

As the law currently stands, Britain’s police are able to issue fines and other penalties against drivers who flout the law but have had trouble gathering evidence.

The trial, now heading into phase 2 in which four areas across England and Wales are testing the cameras, is designed to combat the negative physical and mental impact that noise pollution has on residents, including heart attacks, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and stress-related illnesses.

The new cameras will help police find and convict drivers who offend, with an expansion of the penalties that can be applied likely to come into place once the trial has been concluded, and the cameras more widely implemented.

What does this mean for you?

Existing legislation requires exhausts and silencers to be maintained in good working order and not to be altered to increase noise above legal levels. Failure to comply can mean a £50 on-the-spot fine.

At Piper Cams & Exhausts we offer a range of performance exhausts but we always advise to have at least one silencer/resonator fitted to maintain legal compliance.

Whilst we do offer non-silenced/resonated systems these are exclusively for track use and cannot legally be used on the roads.

If you’d like to find out more about what performance exhaust systems can be fitted legally and professionally to your vehicle, please contact our team today. With nearly 50 years in motor sport, we’re experienced and qualified to help you get the best possible performance whilst maintaining legal compliance.

Call us on 01303 245300 or email sales@pipercams.co.uk.